Welcome to the Club!

Where reading is rewarding for everyone involved.

The children of our primary schools represent the single greatest opportunity for us to change and shape the future of Australian communities. There are few roles more important in our society than teaching and raising children. Thank you for making books and Book Club a part of this journey.

Scholastic has partnered with Australian teachers for over 45 years to instil a love of reading in children. We have provided millions of opportunities for children to access quality books and choose their own independent reading material, thus supporting our teachers' efforts to foster literacy through a love of books, a desire to learn and the joy of practising reading.

Book Clubs give parents and children a convenient way to purchase affordable, age-appropriate books to bridge the class-to-home reading connection and keep the reading momentum rolling. You can always trust a Scholastic selection, as the books are carefully selected and levelled by a team of our experts. So parents can safely encourage autonomous selections from the catalogue and be assured that any choice is a good choice with Book Clubs!